No Trick All Treats with Free RitaVPN

Are you still waiting for the best sales on Black Friday? Promotions on Halloween are also very attractive and favorable. Halloween is not only about carved pumpkins, skulls, spiders and witches but also about big flash sales. Users are happy to have various flash sales from time to time. While they are celebrating Halloween, they can also save much money on something they frequently use.

To protect your web security and privacy, you really shouldn’t miss RitaVPN’s Halloween deal. This may be the cheapest pricing plan for RitaVPN. Let’s have a look.

RitaVPN treats

1-year plan

This 1-year plan costs you $5.00 per month and $59.99 for the whole year, which saves up to 55%.

Auto-renewable plan

It is only available on mobile devices. Once you purchase this plan, your subscription plan automatically renews at the end of your plan’s expiry period until you manually cancel the subscription. 

RitaVPN offers a big discount on the auto-renew plan for mobile device users. Only $1.99 for the first month allows you to enjoy the best VPN service at the lowest price.

Free trials

Except for the favorable discounts, RitaVPN also provides you with free trials if you haven’t decided to subscribe to a VPN yet.

Why you should choose RitaVPN?


The most important feature of a VPN is its encryption technology. With a VPN, your traffic data is encrypted so that nobody else can intercept it. In the process of data transmission, RitaVPN redirects your data through a secure virtual tunnel to the target website’s server.


You can achieve the ultimate anonymity with RitaVPN because you’re surfing the Internet using the VPN’s server location and IP address. Connecting to RitaVPN services gives you access to all websites that are banned in your country, may it be Whatsapp, Facebook, Twitter or Netflix.


It is essential for you to find out whether a VPN service provider keeps logs before purchasing its subscription plan. If it does, there is a chance that your privacy will be compromised when the need arises. We strongly recommend you use VPN services such as RitaVPN that do not keep logs of users’ activities. 

Wide compatibility

RitaVPN works on both desktop and mobile devices. What’s more, you can connect to RitaVPN on up to 4 devices at the same time.

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