Is Your Home Security Camera Protecting You or Invading Your Privacy?

Recently, there was a report that a camera in the house of a US couple suddenly starts to play vulgar music. This news conference caused a lot of media to follow and retweet. The reason for the incident was that their smart home devices got hacked. Neither unplugging the power adapter (the smart home device may have built-in batteries) nor changing the password would stop it. Finally, they solved this by contacting the operator to change the network ID.

Hackers are the voyeurs on the Internet. They don’t need to know many techniques to get access to your camera. Many cameras scattered around the world are hacked. Cybercriminals make a profit by building content sharing platforms with cameras.

Why is user privacy compromised?

With the scanning software, you can easily get a lot of IP addresses of cameras with weak passwords. Both “user” and “admin” are weak passwords.

In addition, many accounts are cracked and stolen by acquaintances because they know everything about your situation and habits. It’s easy to figure out your accounts and passwords.

At the same time, some cheap cameras are full of security vulnerabilities. By installing an app into your camera, they can access your camera with ease.

If the phone you used to install the app of the camera gets affected by the Trojan horse, your camera may also be accessed by others.

How to use a smart camera safely?

First, choose a camera of a well-known brand. Generally speaking, the higher the price, the higher the cost, which means a higher level of safety. At the same time, some well-known brands are better than small brands in technology, after-sales service and other aspects. Even if there are problems, they can be solved in time.

Second, do not use the default password or simple user name and password. And you should change the password for your camera regularly.  

Third, the camera should not be placed in the bedroom, bathroom and other private areas. You should also check whether the camera Angle changes or not.

Fourthly, we recommend you install an antivirus app on your phone to prevent your phone from being affected by viruses.

Last but not least, develop good habits while surfing the Internet. Download a secure and reliable VPN that doesn’t record user activity on your phone. This will effectively prevent hackers from tracking you online and compromising your privacy.

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