How to Stay Safe When Downloading or Using Apps?

Advanced technology should serve us. In contrast, this poses a major threat to our lives as we give too many permissions to apps. In addition, most users just skip reading the user agreement when they install an app. Not to mention which permissions the app requests. This can be exploited by unauthorized apps to collect and sell user data. In this way, it is a profitable tool for third-party companies, such as real estate, credit agencies and education and training organizations, to realize commercial marketing. Because of this, some users continue to receive spam calls from these companies.

However, we have no choice but to accept the User Agreement if we wish to enjoy the service. To secure your app downloading and use, we will give you some safety tips in the following paragraphs.

  • Sometimes you can scan a QR code to download the desired app. The QR code, however, can be malicious. You should not scan a QR code of unknown sources. QR code is useful as a text carrier for downloading apps, sharing bicycles, paying, etc. If you scan a malicious QR code, you do not need to panic. You should keep in mind that you can not provide them with personal information. If the malicious QR code brings you to download malware, you should stop the download and permanently delete it. 
  • Downloading apps often requires a fast download speed and uses too much mobile data. Therefore, most people download apps only when they are using WiFi. However, you should avoid using public WiFi hotspots as it is unsecured. Connecting to an unsecured wireless network means exposing yourself to hackers. Various attacks can be easily performed by hackers over public WiFi hotspots. This does not mean that you can use the public WiFi hotspots for other purposes. You will be an easy target in public WiFi.
  • You need a separate account for unknown apps. When you create an account for an app, you use the same password in case forgetting or confusing all your passwords. While the service provider may take no measures to ensure the security of your account. If your password for this account is disclosed, other accounts that use the same password can also be compromised. If it is difficult for you to use a separate password for all accounts, we recommend that you change these passwords on a regular basis. For apps from unknown sources, you should create a separate account and password to avoid potential data breaches.
  • Be careful when voting over the Internet. It is true that some organizers request access to your personal information if you want to vote for someone you support. You will even be asked to enter your phone number. The vast majority of these activities are designed to attract customers and even collect user data. Therefore, you should not participate in activities of unknown parties, especially activities that ask you to provide your mobile phone number or even your ID number. 
  • Use a VPN to prevent others from tracking your online. You can stay private and secure over the Internet with a virtual private network. All traffic that is sent through the VPN servers is encrypted. Other users can not intercept or change it. Above all, you can unblock websites with a VPN. You can download apps that are not available in your country.
  • Avoid leaving detailed personal information. In many cases, you will need to provide some personal information if you wish to use the service. For example, if you want to do online shopping, you will need to enter your home address to receive the package. Any information you have left on the Internet can be exploited by cybercriminals to further compromise your privacy. You should do your best not to leave any detailed information while surfing the Internet.  

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