How To Stay Hidden When Torrenting?- 5 Best Websites for Torrenting 2020

Bit torrent is a way to transfer large files without damaging them over the internet. It is a protocol sharing files between devices without centralized servers.

While torrenting itself is not illegal, uploading materials that are unknown to be illegal is risky.  When you happen to download copyrighted material, you may be punished on the terms of your country’s laws. The solution for this is to use a virtual private network, also is known as a VPN, which allows you to bypass the surveillance and stay anonymously while torrenting.

How do you get tracked?

When you are online, your ISP (Internet Service Provider) will plug into the router while you browse online to transfer your internet traffic to these websites. An ISP assigns an IP(Internet Protocol) address to your computer so that your location information and online activities can be tracked by other networks or organizations. In other words, by monitoring your IP address, ISP knows everything that you have been doing online.

When torrenting copyrighted materials, the anti-piracy agency collects the IP address of those users downloading copyrighted material online. While creating a public torrent tracker, they can detect torrent users and forward the information to ISPs that could send their copyright notice to their customers.

In many countries, ISPs are ordered to hand in information to the government which also lead to surveillance. If you want to protect your privacy and avoid being tracked while torrenting, a VPN is what you need to shield your online traffic.

How does a VPN work for torrenting?

When you are torrenting with a VPN, your computer is connected to the servers of the VPN provider. So the VPN is also creating a digital tunnel to cover this routed internet connection, as the VPN server mask your real IP address by combining the web traffic with thousands of other IP addresses, making it difficult for others to monitor where you’re going and what you’re doing online.

Best 5 most updated torrenting websites

1. TPB (via Tor)
3. Rutor (alt domain: .is)
4. 1337x
5. ruTracker (alt domains: .net .cr)

RitaVPN- Keep you anonymous while torrenting

The torrenting process can put you at risk in the following ways:

  • Malware infection.
  • Data safety.
  • Copyright trouble.

However, when you use RitaVPN, your device will only use DNS servers that are fully operated by RitaVPN. In this way, you don’t have to worry about your confidential information leaking and being intercepted by a third party. Moreover, a built-in Kill Switch kicks in to safeguard your online security if your VPN connection drops.


People love internet surfing, but forget how dangerous it could be. Everyone should know how to stay safe online, we are users but we don’t want to be exploited or monitored. The internet is good because we can get almost everything we need to know. For so many years, torrenting continues working as it helps so many people.

To secure the network, VPN is not only the basic but also the crucial technology. With RitaVPN, you can rest assured that it will never betray you and keep you safely surf the web freely.


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