How to Remove Malware from Android?

What is malware?

There is an interchangeable use for malware and viruses among us. In fact, a virus is a common type of malware which refers to any malicious software designed to cause damage to your devices. Malware includes Trojans, spyware, worms, adware, ransomware and viruses.  

How do I detect malware?

  1. Your phone runs slowly. Usually, your phone is slow because you are running too many apps or overloading your phone with files. If not, your phone may be infected by malware.
  2. Excessive data usage. This is a sign that your phone is compromised by malware if you are not a heavy data user.
  3. Too many adware pop-ups. Without an ad blocker, it is normal to have pop0up messages. However, if you use an ad blocker for the browser or just close the browser, the pop-up ads you see could be malicious. They are trying to steal your data.
  4. There are apps on your phone that you didn’t install. Look out for such apps, your phone is infected.
  5. Your phone’s battery drains faster than usual. If your phone is facing a faster battery drain, it could be malware in your phone that consumes the power.
  6. Frequent app crashes. If your apps crash regularly, there is a chance that your phone is compromised.

How to remove malware from Android?

If you find any symptoms on your phone, you can follow the instructions below to remove malware from your phone.

  1. Restart your phone in safe mode. Many Android phones come with the option to reboot in safe mode if you press the power button. For others who don’t have this option, you need to take extra steps to enter safe mode.
  2. Find malicious apps and uninstall them. Open your settings and find the malicious apps especially those you are unfamiliar with. Uninstall them without any hesitation.
  3. If you can’t decide which app is malicious, you can turn to a virus scan for help. Download and install a virus scan on your phone. Run it to scan malicious apps and remove them.

Note: don’t download a fake virus scan that will install more malware and spyware on your phone.

You can also use a VPN service to protect you from malware infection.

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