How to get free Wi-Fi from anywhere?

Have you ever been looking for free WiFi when you don’t have data or the internet speed of your 4G is too slow? However, the good news is that there are some great apps out there that will allow you to surf free anywhere online, even when you’re abroad!

With the help of free Wi-fi apps

Facebook Find Wi-Fi

Simply open your device’s Facebook app, and tap “More” menu. Select and open the “Wi-Fi Search”.

Wi-Fi App

Wi-Fi Map is one of the most popular apps out there that can help you find free Wi-Fi.

Instabridge App

The app allows you to unlock over millions of free Wi-Fi connections using their respective passwords or credentials. It offers you a similar experience like Wi-Fi app.

How to secure Wi-Fi connection?

Someone able to access an insecure link will be able to steal your login credentials, banking details, emails and other sensitive information. That doesn’t mean you should stop using public Wi-Fi altogether though. What you should be doing is being vigilant and taking extra precautions to protect yourself. Here are some tips to secure free Wi-Fi connection.

Turn off sharing services when not in use.

Do you notice that you get an annoying pop-up when you connect to a new network? The one who asks, should you trust the network and share your information? Don’t accept it blindly! It’s like always leaving the front door open. Hackers can easily intercept your connection and access most of the information that’s stored on your device.

Enable the firewall function

Owing to their irritating pop-ups and alerts some people disable their firewalls. It is, however, essential to allow it before connecting to public Wi-Fi. Until using some of the apps on your computer, you will need permission, but you will get robust gateway protection in return.

Use a VPN – RitaVPN – Secure your internet connection

A virtual private network, also known as VPN. Public Wi-Fi in cafés, hotels, shopping malls, airports, etc. provides instant and convenient Internet access to, by using a VPN, your information is encrypted which means that when you use public Wi-Fi you can freely visit any websites including personal banking sites and other sites that contain private data or sensitive info, in complete security. A VPN helps you to stay protected from hackers and other online threats when you use public wi-fi.

Some VPNs, including RitaVPN, will offer you extra security features. When you use RitaVPN, your device will only use DNS servers that are fully operated by RitaVPN. In this way, you don’t have to worry about your confidential information leaking and being intercepted by a third party.


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