How to Check If a Website is Safe?

It was reported that the average American spends 24 hours a week online. That’s a lot of web surfing and a whole lot of exposure to websites that may not be safe. 

It’s a good idea to make sure that a website is safe before sharing any personal information, such as credit card numbers, passwords, addresses, etc.

There are several signs that the website you are visiting is safe. You can follow our instructions to see whether the website you are going to visit is safe or not.

Use a search engine to check the reviews of a website. If you are visiting a new website that you haven’t heard of before, you can find reviews about the website by using Google.

Check the website’s connection type. HTTP is the basic protocol for sending data between your web browser and the websites you visit. And HTTPS is more secure than it.  

Check the padlock in your browser’s address bar. Most browsers will display a green padlock on a “safe” site to the left of the site’s URL.  

Make sure the URLs are spelled correctly. Check whether the spelling is correct or not. There are cases when a fraudster uses intentionally misspelled URLs to steal all your credit card information or break your privacy.

Watch out for weird pop-ups. 

If you see pop-ups that are making huge promises and are not related to the website, you have visited. First, don’t click on these pop-ups and second, move away from the website as soon as possible. 

Contact the website through its own contact information. If there isn’t any contact information including number, email address or social media links, the website’s credibility is decreased.

Use a “WhoIs” lookup to find out the domain owner. Do a “WhoIs” lookup to know the one behind the website. This will help you find out whether the website is suspicious.

Use a website safety-check tool. Safety-check tools can help you avoid malicious websites and phishing links. Adopt one to avoid falling a victim of unsafe websites.

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