How Do I Create a Windows Password Reset Disk?

You can reset the password for the locked computer using the password reset disk saved on the USB flash drive or floppy disk drive. Thus, it’s a good idea to create a password reset disk because you may forget the logon password of your computer.

What is a password reset disk?

A password reset disk is essentially a tool that allows you to change the logon password if you ever forget it or are locked for some reason. If you create a password on Windows, you can reset this password to a new password of your choice without technical knowledge by using a password reset disk. 

How do I create a Windows password reset disk? 

The password disk can be easily created on your own computer or another computer. You’ll also find that no additional software is required, as it already contains all the tools needed to create a Windows password reset disk. You can create a password reset disk on any Windows device, including PC, laptop and tablet. 

  • Make sure you logged on to a user account and go to the “Control Panel”.
Control Panel
  • You will find “Create a password reset disk” in the “User Accounts”.
create a password reset disk
  • Before clicking on “Create a password reset disk”, insert the storage medium you prepared.
  • When you see the “Forgotten Password Wizard”, tap “Next”.
Forgotten Password Wizard
  • Choose the drive you want to store the password reset disk in.
choose a USB drive
  • Then, type in the logon password of the current account. It will start creating a password reset disk for this account.
logon password
  • Click on “Next” and then “Finish” when the process is complete.
process finished

By following just a few steps, you have finished creating a password reset disk for your account.    

How to reset password for your locked computer with a password reset disk? 

The password reset disk lets you easily unlock the locked computer without using the password. Therefore, the next time you forget your logon password, you can use the password reset disk you just created. It will be easy to recover it without having to go to much trouble to learn too many technical details. 

  • Insert the password reset disk.
  • Click on “Password reset”.
password reset link
  • When you see the “Password Reset Wizard”, click on “Next”.
password reset wizard
  • Select the drive where the password reset disk locates and click on “Next”.
choose the password reset disk
  • The password reset disk works and you are allowed to reset the logon password.
create new password
  • Click on “Next” and then “Finish”.
complete reseting password
  • On the logon screen, log on to your computer with the newly created password.

Note: You should never create an easy-to-hack password.

7 things you should bear in mind

You can create a password reset disk without additional software or technical knowledge and unlock your computer easily when you forgot the logon password. However, there are 7 things you should know if you want to create a Windows password reset disk or use one. 

  1. There should be a user account for you to create a password reset disk for. You are not allowed to create one for your Microsoft account, which means you need to log on to a user account when you start creating a password reset disk in Windows.   
  2. A password reset disk is built for your local user account. One local account can only have one password reset disk. If you try to create a new password reset disk, the last one will be overwritten. It is also valid only for the account for which it was created. You cannot use it reset the password of other accounts. So you should create password reset disks for all your accounts.   
  3. You also need to prepare a USB or floppy disk drive and floppy disk to create a password reset disk in Windows. Although you may have multiple user accounts to create password reset disks for, you can use the same storage medium for them. Since the file name (userkey) or file extension (.psw) can never be changed, you must store them in separate folders to avoid name collision.  
  4. Besides, in the process of creating a Windows password reset disk, you need to enter your logon password. Make sure you know the correct password of your user account, or you won’t be able to create a password reset disk. 
  5. If you succeed in creating a password reset disk by following our instructions above, you should put it in a safe place and don’t forget the location. Because if someone happens to get your password reset disk, he can also access your computer without knowing the logon password. Since it is replaced by another new password that is only known him, you cannot open your own computer with your password. What’s worse, you also can’t unlock your computer with the password reset disk you’ve created because you lost it.
  6. One good thing about the password reset disk is that using it to gain access to a locked computer does not damage the data on your computer. But it is still essential to back up your important data in case there are other accidents. As the old saying goes that caution is the parent of safety. You can’t be too careful about your sensitive data.
  7. And the best thing is that you can always use the password reset disk you created for a user account to unlock your Windows computer. No matter how many times you have changed the password, you don’t need to recreate a password reset disk. The original one still works.

To sum up, a password reset disk is useful. It is also harmful in the wrong hands. You should always be careful about your privacy and security.

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