DAE use Ritavpn on Reddit? -My wise choice in 2019

I have been using RitaVPN for a while, what surprises me is that this VPN happens to be my wisest choice in 2019 and the best value for my money after excruciating research on VPNs.

I have followed many VPN subreddits, such as r/VPN, r/VPNReviews, r/privacy. And yes, you can see loads of redditors would recommend those VPNs who spend tons of money on marketing, NordVPN, expressvpn, protonvpn etc.

However, after I tried some of them, oh and I am in New York, I know the location of the servers and where you physically are matters when it comes to speed. It turns out that with fewer users, RitaVPN is incredibly fast, to be honest.

Here is my personal review of this not popular VPN– RitaVPN.

In brief, it is a VPN which charges me the least of money while providing the same safe service as other “big name” among VPNs.

As I am working for a company that focuses on the food chain all over the world. The most essential factor (as I consider to use it for work) comes down to its technology of encryption. As I will do research among our competitors, just in case they detect my online traffic as well, so the thing is, a safe one should be enough for me to use.

There are some technology or features that make a safe VPN, oh and as a businessman, it’s quite easy to understand that a free one is possible to be the most dangerous one. We only offer free products when we need to do marketing, so I won’t choose a free one.

Terms and Privacy Policy

Before using Ritavpn, I checked out their Terms and Privacy Policy first, as it is always the first step for checking one to make sure they won’t log your personal information and online traffic.

It’s quite easy to reach their privacy policy as it is just on the login page of their app. I’m using an iPhone and I quite like their UI design for it, clear enough to use even if you are an old man. And it is obvious said in the 2.12th clause, it guarantees no logs of users’ activities, and private data are not monitored, recorded, logged, stored or passed to any third party.

No logs of users’ activities and private data are not monitored, recorded, logged, stored or passed to any third party.

Encryption Techniques

And the second feature that I care about is their encryption tech. As far as I know, the AES-256 encryption is the strongest and cannot be broken brute force, and yes RitaVPN implements this on their VPN. This is what makes me trust it at the first place.

Leak Protection

Another reason I like it is that it offers double leak protection. One is killswitch and the other is DNS leak protection. If my connection drops it won’t worry me as what killswitch is doing is to cut off all of the network traffic in case my data leaks. Also, DNS leak protection prevents DNS servers from sending unencrypted queries outside a VPN tunnel or directly to the ISPs.

Good price

If you are a stinky person like me, then you won’t regret using this VPN. They just got endless sales at the end of the year. You will see the deals like 50% off a lot. I bought a 1-year plan after the free trial, only costs me less than 2-3 dollars per month.

Last words

All in all, even this VPN is not so popular, but I feel quite lucky to be in their first user generation. The servers they have offered are enough for me to use as I will just connect to the one in the US when I am abroad to watch Netflix, the streaming works perfectly for me.

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