6 Reasons to Hide Your IP Address

When you connect your device to the Internet, you get an identity. That is an IP address. Your IP address can reveal a lot of your information. So you’d better hide your IP address to protect yourself online.  

Here’s why you want to hide your IP address:

Hide your location

If your IP address is known by someone, he/she also knows your location. It can be terrible because your offline safety and privacy are at stake. Your IP address will disclose your location, including where you live or your current location. Thus, hiding your IP address is the best way to prevent others from knowing your location.  

Protect your online activity

Protect your web activity from being monitored by marketers, advertising companies and your ISP is a common reason to hide your IP address. They may use these collected data to display targeted ads and you will be interrupted by unwanted ads from time to time.

Bypass geographical restrictions

Another reason why you should hide your IP address is to bypass geographical restrictions. Geographical restrictions make content and websites available only to Internet users in certain regions. When you are on vocation in other countries, you’ll find that you can’t access the content and websites available at home. To stream Netflix or Hulu as if you are at home, you’d better disguise your IP address.

Stay secure on public WiFi

Connecting to a public WiFi leaves your device vulnerable to malicious attacks. Public WiFi networks are generally less secure than personal wireless networks or mobile networks. That’s why you should hide your IP address when you use public WiFi networks.

Bypass censorship

Apart from websites, advertising companies, marketers and your ISP, some governments also keep a track of everything you do online. Besides, they block Internet users from certain websites or content. China and Iran are good examples. If you want to avoid this, you should hide your IP address so that the government cannot trace back to you.  

Download torrents without being tracked

Hiding your IP address is also useful when you are torrenting, especially illegal material. As we mentioned before, it can be dangerous to download torrents without any precautions. Due to the nature of torrenting, your IP address is visible to others in the same swarm and you can fall into the trap of malicious torrents easily. To download torrents safely, you need to hide your IP address.

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